Aug. 27th, 2011

m_y_ff: (house -yikes!!)
I really ought to tidy up my things more often.
I have this medicine cabinet that's absolutely full of perished meds, they're probably at a radioactive stage now... I'm pretty sure that if I mix them together in some sort of liquid, I could use it to power a car for 5 years...
But then, there are also things that have as much to do with meds as a giraffe having sex does. 
Like, a skipping rope. Or a watch. Or an old mobile. Or books. Or CDs. 
I honestly found all of those inside this cabinet! Things I thought I had definitely lost forever. 

Anyway... now I just have to clean up my wardrobe, and maybe I'll find this umbrella I lost... 

Also, tonight : DOCTOR WHO RETURNS. OMG. I AM SO EXCITE!!! I bought biscuits and milk and I'm ready to spend the evening watching Eleven, Rory and Amy be awesome!!

Right. Back to tidying my room. Bye.
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