May. 12th, 2010 01:17 pm
m_y_ff: (arashi)
[personal profile] m_y_ff
Been a while since I listened to Ayumi Hamasaki, but her "new" album, Rock'n'Roll Circus... It's AWESOME
It's very Ayu-like, I kinda missed her old style in the last album... This one is fucking great. 
Microphone is an awesome song, the ballads have a sort of "déjà-vuentendu" feeling, but it's still quite good. 

Her eyes keep on getting bigger and bigger, but....

She's so cute! *_*

Anyway, moving on : 
Are we saturday yet?
The upcomming Dr Who episode seems so epic it's eating me alive  ~~((("/>.<)/ ............. \(>.<\")))~~ 
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