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I'm laughing so hard right now xD

Still haven't seen the last 4-5 episodes of House, but I went to the LJs dedicated to House/Cuddy and House/Wilson, so I know what happened in the Season Finale.
It's really funny, honestly xD I just can't stand Cuddy, but I knew from the very beginning of the show  that they will end up together. Now it's done, and I don't care. [although, it depends : apparently, the writers wrote this scene like a bad 12-year-old fanfic author.  Guess I need to watch the episode, huh? xD]. I still like the show.
BUT! What is immensely funny, is the difference of reaction from the two communities I mentioned! 
I went to House/Wilson first and read the posts : there's an immeasurable amount of hate hanging in the air xD Everyone is puking their guts out on this Huddy Kiss Scene. The comments were so serious I actually feared that even the Huddy shippers hated the scene, and that it was the worst scene ever written in the history of TV Shows. 
But, then I went to House/Cuddy, and, Ô Miracle! There's ONLY good comments, everyone is jumping to the ceiling with joy and they are glowing with happiness to the sound of WE ARE CANON!!! *glows*. If I'd go there before on Hilson community, I would actually have immediately rushed to see the episode [not because of the Huddy, but  because really, everyone seemed so happy T_T]

Anyway... As I said, I don't like Huddy. But I knew it was gonna end like this, they set it up since the beginning : House and his therapy that made him realised he's happier when with a woman, Wilson's ex-wife coming home to sleep with him, Lucas being an enormous jerk... 
So I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed. I'm just contemplative. 

... And so lazy. I really need to catch up on these episodes. Once I've caught up on Glee. 
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