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... What. Because parents willingly send their 16-year-old daughter on a tiny boat made of paper, all by herself, to sail solo around the World? With all the risks of hurricanes and all that shit? (yes I don't know all the risks, but I know there are a whole bunch of them. And I've never been on a sail boat.) 
I heard she's okay and I'm glad, but seriously, people, even Adults get lost in seas, we've heard of some of them never returning home. And they let their 16 year-old and certainly inexperienced daughter sail all alone. 
Well. Morons.

I hate the sea. I dread the sea. I can't stand being on a boat for more than 2 minutes without seeing the coast. Not because of sea-sickness, I don't have that at all ; just because I fear the sea, and its tons of waters, and its dark bottomlessness, and all the weird horrible creatures living in it.
Have you seen Nemo?! This shit freaked me out to no end!!! 
... So maybe I'm a bit biased if I say that this girl and her parents are serious airheads. But I'll say it anyway.

And I'm still crying over Rory's death, and it has nothing to do w/ anything I wrote so far, but it's the truth. I won't ever forgive Moffat if he doesn't bring him back. [I know I will forgive him whatever he does, but I like to think I have a personality.]

The Quiz Show is so awesome my brain imploded D: 
What I don't understand is... Why do they feel the need to throw, in a perfectly enjoyable and interesting drama, an uninteresting whiny girl?! This Saejima was so annoying I skipped every time she talked. Even if she was kind of important for the plot, they could've made her character a little more loveable and less annoying =_="
AND WHY POPPIES?! W.H.Y.??? Did the writers watch too much Blackadder or what?
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