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hmmm I think I have some addiction issues... to Good News Week. Dunno if it's a problem or not. Working on it.
Also have to see this Sherlock series. Moffat. I think I might love that guy. And 'Benedict Cumberbatch'? Honestly? I already love his name, I think I'll love his acting. That's a name I'd be proud to wear.

Yeaaah, I'm apartment-hunting! It's got to be one of the most boring and awful moment of your whole life, when you spend 3 consecutive days calling every single potential landlord only to be told that the apartment you want is already rented. I'm annoyed to the point where I want to kill anyone who's ever rented an apartment in this bleeding city !! 
But I can't because it's illegal. So I just phone more and more people... I think at the end of this month I'd have called half of the population? 


Also, I don't understand people who want to rent you an apartment which surface is, roughly, 15m², with no furniture whatsoever 680/month with electricity -so : heating and hot water- not included. Do they really think people are stupid enough not to see the problem here? 

/am annoyed/

Natsu no Koi wa Niji Iro wo Kagayaku. Or something like that? I love this drama! My god, how is it possible! MatsuJun plays in here ! O.O I don't know who the writer is, but he deserves an award for being ten pounds of awesome. 
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