Feb. 18th, 2010

m_y_ff: (merlin -FML)

no, scratch that : I hate everything from Apple. I don't know if it's only because I'm used to PCs, but Apple stuff is fucking incomprehensible.
With Itunes there's always something that doesn't work somewhere. And it's slow. And it's not helping at all. And it does stuff for me that I didn't ask it to do, messing with my music and my videos, even messing with my computer itself. And it's ugly. 

Iphones? The tactile stuff doesn't work. And if it does, it's a nightmare to operate. I would say that all tactile stuff is like that, not just Iphones... but no. Blackberries are awesome and smooth.

Ipad? ...What's the use? Okay, so, I'm addicted to Angry Birds on my sister's Ipad. But tons of people got hooked on Farmville, so, it doesn't mean anything concerning the quality of the merchandise. 

Ipod? I had one. It worked for one week before stopping altogether. I had it changed. The new one lasted five days.I still don't know why. 

Istores? Oh GOD I hate those places!! The people working here aren't supposed to be my friends. Stop trying to be my friends! >.< 

Macs? Hellz no. I hate the interface. Ohhhhhh yes it's sooooo futuristic and revolutionnaryyyyyyy! ... well, no, it isn't. It's just boring and incomprehensible and trying too hard to please me, without success. 

... And Itunes is shitting me right now. I can't listen to my music. Yes, it's the one and only reason for this post : I WANT MY MUSIC BACK, you bastard!!!
God I hate this thing... 
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