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TRAFFIC JAM. How do they work?!

Honestly, I live quite a big city. I know the statistics tell me 'bigger the city is, the higher are the chances of gridlock'. But, really?! The bigger the city is, the higher is the number of roads, isn't it? So, why?
It took me AN HOUR to reach my home, which was at 1 MILE from where I was. One. Mile. 
So, I've come to this conclusion : there is only 2 roads in the entire town. All the inhabitants are forced to take those two roads to go or return from work. That is the only explanation I see for this. 

On another, less shallow note : ...North Korea is going coo-coo pants. Oh no, wait, it's already been for a long time -_-" but threatening war against South Korea with such animosity... I'm kind of torn on this issue. I don't want war, obviously. Even if the two countries never officially stopped their war, I don't want open fire. America would have to go along South Korea, and... Will Chinese join North Korea? It would surprise me, but hey, they're crazy too. 
Anyway, I don't want a war. North Korea's got it's weapons pointed on Seoul... Really? Would they really use them and bomb the capital? I fairly hope not. But, they're crazy.

On the other hand, I just think a war is The Only way to deliver the North Korean population from this whiny fucking cow that is Kim Jong Il, who continues to starve his people to death while the rest of the world completely ignore him. I find it disgusting how everyone doesn't care about the situation here. They care more about China's dictatorship? I'm not saying China's good, and I'll never say that. But I really do think that North Korea doesn't receive the coverage it should recieve.

... If only Superman was real T_T

Oh, wait, maybe not xD
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