m_y_ff: (yay)
[I need me some Arashi gif]

New Arashi Album!! About time, Johnny! [and nice little big diversion from Nino's crash]

lol, it's been on pre-order for barely one day, and the fans already broke YesAsia's server.
They are So. Frigging. FAMOUS!!!

Oh, and 4 days at Kokuritsu this fall! w-why in fall?
Well, they must be too busy this summer to do anything, poor them. Give them vacations, Johnny's!! That's what they really need, instead of a driving ban! >.<  Seriously, they need rest. Ohno-kun seemed so freaking tired in the Music Station it's almost depressing! [almost, because one can never stay depressed while watching Arashi. It must be a law of Physics or something.]
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