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 Who is the person who posts the first entry about something on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has entries for EVERYTHING, even the most recent of events/newest celebrity/whatever. 
At the very moment when said person/event becomes someone/something relatively relevant to public interest, it's got its entry on Wikipedia. WHO posts this entry?

Because surely it can't be the ones working for Wikipedia, can it? Or do they have teams of people looking continuously, all around the world, at news/tv/papers/the internet, spotting things that should have an entry? If that's the case, there must be half the globe's population working for Wikipedia, because so many shits happen in a day it's not computable. 
Event old things that happened before the Internet Age... Do this people sort what's to put on the site and what's not? Do they sit around big fuck-off table, all of them half of the globe's population, and discuss the next entries to write?

The other option is that someone, somewhere, maybe in their living-room watching telly, naked and drinking beer, just see something interesting, or remember something that had their attention caught at the time, and immediately think "That's somewhat relevant. I wonder if Wikipedia has something to say about it? If not, this flaw must be corrected and I shall see to it!" 
Is there someone in the world that THINKS like that? Is there someone in the world who's first thought after hearing something interesting is "THE REST OF THE WORLD MUST KNOW ! WIKIPEDIA!" ?!

This question's been bothering me for quite some times. 
Just in case : yes, my life is horribly dull.
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Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. [just wait a moment, I have to find my brain, it's still behind  the sofa...]

I just watched Amy's Choice.
After the double episode with the weeping Angels, I didn't think it could be more epic until the season final.
How wrong was I.

As much as I loved the Angels and all of its inventiveness, the Dream Lord was just magic! It was a new "format", a really interesting story that kept me unmoving, glued to my screen till the very very end. 

I'm just sad it made me dislike Amy. Really girl, at least if you're not sure of your feelings towards Rory, you can just... tell him!! Instead of playing with him like you did... It's sad it took Rory "dying" for her to finaly understand he's a great guy. 
Aw, and Doctor, ready to sacrifice his life for Amy at the end. It was so sad, I really cried T_T
At the end, the Dream Lord raelly said "I've been defeated"... As he is the dark side of the Doctor, that means he defeated his dark thoughts, and that his "good self" is in control now, as it should be? I'd like to see the Dream Lord again. It's a very, very, very interesting character [the Doctor is] and it's obvious he's got demons on his conscience... I'd like to see them. 

On a happier note : RORY, I LOVED YOUR PONYTAIL! Why do people hate it so much?! I don't understand! Yes it was from another era, but it suited him quite well xD This guy's really handsome, in a weird way.

And I didn't see the preview for next week... Might be better that way, I feel like I would have been disappointed. 
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 I just realised that I almost exclusively have crushes on commedians. 

I also seem to spend most of my internet time on the Sherlock kinkmemes. There's a plethora of weird goodness -or good weirdness?- on those lj. 

I spend my free time reading medical books or books about language, and liking it.

I love discovering new singers/bands and spend hours just listening to them.

I abhor having to socialize.

I therefore think I'm a nerd. 

Should I be worried?


Jan. 5th, 2009 09:31 pm
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 All right. I've had this journal for years, or so... and I abandoned it completely. I think it's time I make something more with it than just let it die in a corner, unloved and unnoticed like a stale biscuit under the bed.

Sooo, I'll try to be active? Yeah? Come on, I can do it... [I'm also talking to myself. Isn't that the first sign of insanity or something?]

I still don't have the slightest idea of what those blue things I use as a moodtheme are, though.
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