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I really ought to tidy up my things more often.
I have this medicine cabinet that's absolutely full of perished meds, they're probably at a radioactive stage now... I'm pretty sure that if I mix them together in some sort of liquid, I could use it to power a car for 5 years...
But then, there are also things that have as much to do with meds as a giraffe having sex does. 
Like, a skipping rope. Or a watch. Or an old mobile. Or books. Or CDs. 
I honestly found all of those inside this cabinet! Things I thought I had definitely lost forever. 

Anyway... now I just have to clean up my wardrobe, and maybe I'll find this umbrella I lost... 

Also, tonight : DOCTOR WHO RETURNS. OMG. I AM SO EXCITE!!! I bought biscuits and milk and I'm ready to spend the evening watching Eleven, Rory and Amy be awesome!!

Right. Back to tidying my room. Bye.
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 Who is the person who posts the first entry about something on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has entries for EVERYTHING, even the most recent of events/newest celebrity/whatever. 
At the very moment when said person/event becomes someone/something relatively relevant to public interest, it's got its entry on Wikipedia. WHO posts this entry?

Because surely it can't be the ones working for Wikipedia, can it? Or do they have teams of people looking continuously, all around the world, at news/tv/papers/the internet, spotting things that should have an entry? If that's the case, there must be half the globe's population working for Wikipedia, because so many shits happen in a day it's not computable. 
Event old things that happened before the Internet Age... Do this people sort what's to put on the site and what's not? Do they sit around big fuck-off table, all of them half of the globe's population, and discuss the next entries to write?

The other option is that someone, somewhere, maybe in their living-room watching telly, naked and drinking beer, just see something interesting, or remember something that had their attention caught at the time, and immediately think "That's somewhat relevant. I wonder if Wikipedia has something to say about it? If not, this flaw must be corrected and I shall see to it!" 
Is there someone in the world that THINKS like that? Is there someone in the world who's first thought after hearing something interesting is "THE REST OF THE WORLD MUST KNOW ! WIKIPEDIA!" ?!

This question's been bothering me for quite some times. 
Just in case : yes, my life is horribly dull.
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