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Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. [just wait a moment, I have to find my brain, it's still behind  the sofa...]

I just watched Amy's Choice.
After the double episode with the weeping Angels, I didn't think it could be more epic until the season final.
How wrong was I.

As much as I loved the Angels and all of its inventiveness, the Dream Lord was just magic! It was a new "format", a really interesting story that kept me unmoving, glued to my screen till the very very end. 

I'm just sad it made me dislike Amy. Really girl, at least if you're not sure of your feelings towards Rory, you can just... tell him!! Instead of playing with him like you did... It's sad it took Rory "dying" for her to finaly understand he's a great guy. 
Aw, and Doctor, ready to sacrifice his life for Amy at the end. It was so sad, I really cried T_T
At the end, the Dream Lord raelly said "I've been defeated"... As he is the dark side of the Doctor, that means he defeated his dark thoughts, and that his "good self" is in control now, as it should be? I'd like to see the Dream Lord again. It's a very, very, very interesting character [the Doctor is] and it's obvious he's got demons on his conscience... I'd like to see them. 

On a happier note : RORY, I LOVED YOUR PONYTAIL! Why do people hate it so much?! I don't understand! Yes it was from another era, but it suited him quite well xD This guy's really handsome, in a weird way.

And I didn't see the preview for next week... Might be better that way, I feel like I would have been disappointed. 
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