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I'm laughing so hard right now xD

Still haven't seen the last 4-5 episodes of House, but I went to the LJs dedicated to House/Cuddy and House/Wilson, so I know what happened in the Season Finale.
And here's what happened. )
So I'm not angry. I'm not disappointed. I'm just contemplative. 

... And so lazy. I really need to catch up on these episodes. Once I've caught up on Glee. 
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Vampires in Venice? Watched. Not so spectacular, but good story. Still cracks (of course, it's the main plot of this series!). I'm eager to see what they mean.
And FUCK YEAH RORY!!! I love him so much. More than Amy... I would love it if he stayed through the entire series, oh please please please!! <3
I need a Rory Icon.

That being said, I'm so late in my House Watching Schedule... I have like... 2 episodes that I didn't watch? Plus the one yesterday, that makes 3. I know, it's not dramatic and I can catch up easily, but now I'm demotivated. First of all, because of all the WILSON I HAT YOU SFM that I see everywhere in the fandom, it makes me saaaad T_T Because I love Wilson, no matter what he does (and he's a fucking fictional character, no need for me to hate him) but seeing so much hate is kind of disturbing. I guess I'll write something more constructive about it when I will have seen the episodes. ("will have seen"? That sounds so weird... Maybe it's just me.)

And now I'm desperate 'cause I can't find Arashi Ni Shiyagare! nor Kaibutsu-kun ep.4 anywhere. WHYYYYY?? T____T  If only I could access Clubbox. But I can't. Because my computer's a jerk. 
I WILL NOT SURRENDER. I will find these episodes.

And last but not least, I am now officially addicted to the Sherlock Holmes Kinkmeme. Who would've thought that reading prompts about penis slicing would be so interesting? I love all the crazies that this meme contains. 
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