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So now that I've passed my exams, and I still suspect the teachers who rated my copies were on drugs, I'm going to university... Okay, that's not frightening at all. Just a little unsettling?
Actually, going to University isn't so scary. It's the paperwork you have to do to enter that damn school that is. Is it realllllllllllllllly necessary? Do the teachers NEED to know all that stuff? I'm honestly surprised I didn't see "what's your favourite Britney song" in those questions, random as they are, and I'm scared shitless to answer wrongly. >.<

... And I've finished watching Dr Who, and I'm seriously pissed off.
What?! Why didn't he end that bloody storyline in one series?! 
I know I'm just over-reacting and in 2 days I will be absolutely delighted about that, but right now : SCREW YOU, MOFFAT!!! I TRUSTED YOU! How could you do this to me?! I don't even like River Song and I'm still hooked to this effing storyline... and the fandom in its whole is happy about that! I feel as if Santa Claus promised me a bike and all I got was a can of beans. And I don't even like beans.

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[I need me some Arashi gif]

New Arashi Album!! About time, Johnny! [and nice little big diversion from Nino's crash]

lol, it's been on pre-order for barely one day, and the fans already broke YesAsia's server.
They are So. Frigging. FAMOUS!!!

Oh, and 4 days at Kokuritsu this fall! w-why in fall?
Well, they must be too busy this summer to do anything, poor them. Give them vacations, Johnny's!! That's what they really need, instead of a driving ban! >.<  Seriously, they need rest. Ohno-kun seemed so freaking tired in the Music Station it's almost depressing! [almost, because one can never stay depressed while watching Arashi. It must be a law of Physics or something.]
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