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 I need Arashi's new album in my life. Right now. =.= Why can't time go faster, goddamnit! 
I just realised I've been listening to an awful lot of Ke$ha lately, and it makes me slightly worried for my mental health o.0 Her songs won't leave me alone... I have them playing in my mind constantly...


May. 31st, 2010 12:12 am
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Why?! Why, in every tv show I watch, they kill/take away/destroy my favourite character?! 
I have some issues with Amy, and having Rory around did me so much good. 
Whyyyyy T___________T 

in House : Wilson's being a douchebag most of the times now. And they killed Amber.
in Psych : Ok, so Mary wasn't really my favourite character, BUT. I liked him so much.
in Dr Who : Well, they killed Rory! >.<
in Glee : They pretty much destroyed Will and Emma's relationship at this stage.
in Torchwood : Not difficult, they killed EVERYONE. 
in Merlin : Was it really necessary to kill Merlin's father like... 15 minutes after their first meeting ever? I would have liked to see them interact a little more!! >.<
in Lost, well, the whole point of the series is that everyone's dead, so... But! They killed my favourite characters first . Hurley and Walt were exited right from season 1. The fact that they returned isn't the point : I didn't know that when they left!! xDDD
in Being Human : I didn't really watch series 2, because they exited Nina and I was not happy with that. She returned and all, but they messed her up a great deal.

Please, Glee writers, don't kill Tina, nor Kurt. Thanks.
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