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I like Kpop, I really do. They have gorgeous and extremely talented artists, with beautiful voices. 
I like Kdramas. I really do. They have very talented actors and... plots. Sort of.

But I can't stand any of those "the-girl-is-so-sick-but-I-love-her-so-much-bohoo-it's-so-sad-everybody-cries" plots!! Korean "things" like the MVs, Kdramas and Kmovies tell the same story every time. Can't they just think of something else?! Isn't there anything else romantic for them than a sick girl dying? Or a sick guy... It's rarer, but it's the SAME THING. 
Seriously, I've seen a fair number of Kdramas/movies/MVs, and it's the freaking same plot in every one of them, they just change the names.
And I use "plot" very wrongly. The story is just the girl dying. The love story doesn't have any depth at all, the other characters are almost inexistant, and whatever plot devive used in the storyline looks like it poped up in the writer's mind 2 seconds before shooting. 

I'm just sick of it... I wonder if Korean people [largely girls, I imagine] really love all that THAT MUCH? Don't they grow tired of seeing the exact same thing 36 times a year in 36 different forms? 

Please, Korea, use a little imagination... or you're gonna lose me forever. 
Yes, it's a freaking huge loss. 

On another note, I need a dog. I'm gonna get a dog soon... 
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