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... What. Because parents willingly send their 16-year-old daughter on a tiny boat made of paper, all by herself, to sail solo around the World? With all the risks of hurricanes and all that shit? (yes I don't know all the risks, but I know there are a whole bunch of them. And I've never been on a sail boat.) 
I heard she's okay and I'm glad, but seriously, people, even Adults get lost in seas, we've heard of some of them never returning home. And they let their 16 year-old and certainly inexperienced daughter sail all alone. 
Well. Morons.

I hate the sea. I dread the sea. I can't stand being on a boat for more than 2 minutes without seeing the coast. Not because of sea-sickness, I don't have that at all ; just because I fear the sea, and its tons of waters, and its dark bottomlessness, and all the weird horrible creatures living in it.
Have you seen Nemo?! This shit freaked me out to no end!!! 
... So maybe I'm a bit biased if I say that this girl and her parents are serious airheads. But I'll say it anyway.

And I'm still crying over Rory's death, and it has nothing to do w/ anything I wrote so far, but it's the truth. I won't ever forgive Moffat if he doesn't bring him back. [I know I will forgive him whatever he does, but I like to think I have a personality.]

The Quiz Show is so awesome my brain imploded D: 
What I don't understand is... Why do they feel the need to throw, in a perfectly enjoyable and interesting drama, an uninteresting whiny girl?! This Saejima was so annoying I skipped every time she talked. Even if she was kind of important for the plot, they could've made her character a little more loveable and less annoying =_="
AND WHY POPPIES?! W.H.Y.??? Did the writers watch too much Blackadder or what?
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Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. [just wait a moment, I have to find my brain, it's still behind  the sofa...]

I just watched Amy's Choice.
After the double episode with the weeping Angels, I didn't think it could be more epic until the season final.
How wrong was I.

As much as I loved the Angels and all of its inventiveness, the Dream Lord was just magic! It was a new "format", a really interesting story that kept me unmoving, glued to my screen till the very very end. 

I'm just sad it made me dislike Amy. Really girl, at least if you're not sure of your feelings towards Rory, you can just... tell him!! Instead of playing with him like you did... It's sad it took Rory "dying" for her to finaly understand he's a great guy. 
Aw, and Doctor, ready to sacrifice his life for Amy at the end. It was so sad, I really cried T_T
At the end, the Dream Lord raelly said "I've been defeated"... As he is the dark side of the Doctor, that means he defeated his dark thoughts, and that his "good self" is in control now, as it should be? I'd like to see the Dream Lord again. It's a very, very, very interesting character [the Doctor is] and it's obvious he's got demons on his conscience... I'd like to see them. 

On a happier note : RORY, I LOVED YOUR PONYTAIL! Why do people hate it so much?! I don't understand! Yes it was from another era, but it suited him quite well xD This guy's really handsome, in a weird way.

And I didn't see the preview for next week... Might be better that way, I feel like I would have been disappointed. 


May. 12th, 2010 01:17 pm
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Been a while since I listened to Ayumi Hamasaki, but her "new" album, Rock'n'Roll Circus... It's AWESOME
It's very Ayu-like, I kinda missed her old style in the last album... This one is fucking great. 
Microphone is an awesome song, the ballads have a sort of "déjà-vuentendu" feeling, but it's still quite good. 

Her eyes keep on getting bigger and bigger, but....

She's so cute! *_*

Anyway, moving on : 
Are we saturday yet?
The upcomming Dr Who episode seems so epic it's eating me alive  ~~((("/>.<)/ ............. \(>.<\")))~~ 
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Vampires in Venice? Watched. Not so spectacular, but good story. Still cracks (of course, it's the main plot of this series!). I'm eager to see what they mean.
And FUCK YEAH RORY!!! I love him so much. More than Amy... I would love it if he stayed through the entire series, oh please please please!! <3
I need a Rory Icon.

That being said, I'm so late in my House Watching Schedule... I have like... 2 episodes that I didn't watch? Plus the one yesterday, that makes 3. I know, it's not dramatic and I can catch up easily, but now I'm demotivated. First of all, because of all the WILSON I HAT YOU SFM that I see everywhere in the fandom, it makes me saaaad T_T Because I love Wilson, no matter what he does (and he's a fucking fictional character, no need for me to hate him) but seeing so much hate is kind of disturbing. I guess I'll write something more constructive about it when I will have seen the episodes. ("will have seen"? That sounds so weird... Maybe it's just me.)

And now I'm desperate 'cause I can't find Arashi Ni Shiyagare! nor Kaibutsu-kun ep.4 anywhere. WHYYYYY?? T____T  If only I could access Clubbox. But I can't. Because my computer's a jerk. 
I WILL NOT SURRENDER. I will find these episodes.

And last but not least, I am now officially addicted to the Sherlock Holmes Kinkmeme. Who would've thought that reading prompts about penis slicing would be so interesting? I love all the crazies that this meme contains. 
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Yessss I finally started to watch Dr Who series 5!
I refuse to call it series 1 as Moffat wants us to do though. I love Moffat's writting sooo much, and yeah maybe I love it more than RTD's, but still I have the feeling that Moffat's trying to exterminate RTD as though he thought it was... shit. I liked RTD sooo much! Don't eradicate his work!!

That being said, this series is soooo fantastic. I loved every minute of it. 

The first episode was just epic. It was very well done, Eleventh's first steps were just right, I loved the fact that he's "cooking" during the whole episode, and clicks into place JUST at the end, just in time to be fucking brilliant -this scene on the hospital's roof? Brilliant.
Also, the fact that he's not quite adjusted yet leave place for so many funny moments... I love episodes with lots of comic things, I'm a funny girl! xD

The second was so full of imagination. I felt like they could've make an entire book -or movie- out of it! 
What I found a bit odd, was Amy's way of saving the day. I mean, I get it that she's strong and smart and whatnot, but this was a little too much. It's her very first space travel, and she's already capable of doing stuff like that?  Besides, it was really a wild guess. 

The third was... well, it seemed somewhat off compared to the 2 firsts ones. But I guess it's just because it was all about Daleks, you can't really be as imaginative with Daleks as you can with monsters you created yourself. And to be honest, Daleks don't do much, besides of Exterminate x]
Still, I liked it. I liked Churchill. And I liked the android, even if he was a slightly common character. And this time, Amy's intervention didn't look out of place at all.

Moffat loves his Amy, that's for sure. She's so smart on every point it's almost MarySue-ish -but it's not.

The fourth and fifth episodes were the most exciting things I've ever watched! I have to say, I wholeheartedly hate River Song, but I absolutely love what her character is (if anyone can understand what I mean :o) I love the idea of a character being more knowledgeable than The Doctor, I love the mystery that surrounds her, I love that we're going to know her little by little and that the final will surely be explosive.
But why, oh why, oh why, did they have to make her SO smug and annoying?! 
Well, I'm impatient to see what and who she is anyway!

Annnnd... The sixth episode shold be about Vampires in Venice, shouldn't it? 
Are we Saturday yet?
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TRAFFIC JAM. How do they work?!

Honestly, I live quite a big city. I know the statistics tell me 'bigger the city is, the higher are the chances of gridlock'. But, really?! The bigger the city is, the higher is the number of roads, isn't it? So, why?
It took me AN HOUR to reach my home, which was at 1 MILE from where I was. One. Mile. 
So, I've come to this conclusion : there is only 2 roads in the entire town. All the inhabitants are forced to take those two roads to go or return from work. That is the only explanation I see for this. 

On another, less shallow note : North Korea is going coo-coo pants. )

... If only Superman was real T_T

Oh, wait, maybe not xD
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